We are offically on tap! Stay tuned for other locations in Oregon and Southern Washington. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get announcements on future openings and events.

Grixsen is a collaboration of our three partners, each donating a part of their family name to create Grixsen. A Grixsen is a person of high character who believes that each of us must walk their own path along our shared journey - for the journey is always the worthier part. Nearing completion of a long journey, the brewery is set to be finished in the coming weeks with production rolling out early 2016. In the meantime, we have co-brewed with our friends at Kell’s and you can find our beer on tap at their Portland locations.

Our hands are pretty full with getting the brewery installed, so look for a more robust digital presence in the near future. You can follow us on our social channels below to stay up to date on our progress. Be on the lookout for our opening party and we look forward to sharing a pint with you in the future!


  • Add yourself to our mailing list. We are extremely respectful of your inbox, so we won’t hit you up every day. But, we will be holding a few functions once we get established through the licensing process.
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